Featured small biz – HDMAX Productions

HDMAXHDMAX Productions provides original video production for corporate and small business, weddings and keepsakes. They convert old film and tape formats from 8mm, Super8, 16mm Film, VHS, BETA, and more, to high definition digital DVDs, CDs, and Blu-Ray discs. HDMAX can also do high volume CD and DVD duplications. They are located in Brandon, MB and serve all of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

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FREE WEBINAR: Preventing Fraud in Your Small Business

StopSign_02_vector_jpgMarch is Fraud Awareness Month in Canada. It lasts for an entire month because that’s how big of deal fraud is! And not just for individuals. Small businesses can be very susceptible to fraud. Every year, small business owners become victims of fraud, sometimes with devastating effects. In fact, it is estimated that fraud is costing small businesses millions of dollars annually.

CFIB works on anti-fraud initiatives all year long for our small business members. When March hits the calendar, however, our Fraud Squad jumps into action with a lot of activities and awareness initiatives. As such, and in recognition of March Fraud Awareness Month, CFIB is hosting a FREE webinar! Preventing Fraud in Your Small Business will provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with  valuable, actionable info on how to recognize, report and stop fraud.

During this free webinar, participants will learn about the types of fraud specifically targeting small businesses

  1. Credit card fraud
  2. Directory fraud
  3. Health and safety*
  4. And more!

This webinar will also cover the steps you need to take when you see fraud and what you can do as a small business owner if you are a victim of fraud.

Register for CFIB’s free webinar today. Space is limited.

Preventing Fraud in Your Small Business
March 8th, 1pm EST

Apprenez à reconnaître et prévenir la fraude dans votre entreprise
March 9th, 1pm EST

Preventing Fraud in Your Small Business
March 10th, 1pm EST

*Yes there is fraudulent activity surrounding health and safety. If you don’t know, take the webinar!

Featured small biz – Ledgers (London)


Ledgers (London) was established by Roy Glassford in the fall of 2014 and provides a suite of affordable business services for the financial needs of small businesses. They specialize in the day-to-day operations of businesses so that their financial situation is always current.

Roy has over thirty years of accounting experience including: accounting practice firm, retail, financial services, real estate, Director of Finance of 2 hospitals, tax preparer and operating his own tax and accounting office.

Ledgers (London) understands the challenges, frustrations and other issues that small business owners face. They will help to solve these issues, while also helping them to grow their businesses.

Give them a call for a no obligation review.

Featured deal:

CFIB members receive a 25% discount on the preparation of their annual financial statements and corporate tax returns!

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