Featured Small Biz – Gastronomie Concept

GastronomieConcept-2Gastronomie Concept answers the never ending question: ”What’s for dinner tonight?”. They market a wide range of quality products, in individual frozen portions. Gastronomie Concept selects the best food without sacrificing quality. They offer an exclusive range of fine products with diverse flavors. Worthy of great restaurants and ready in no time, you will be delighted by Gastronomie Concept’s food. They offer a multitude of possibilities, all delivered to your home. Cut your meal prep time in half using frozen food instead of raw products. You can also purchase larger quantities than you could for perishable products and always have them ready in your freezer.GastronomieConcept-4

Mr. Guy St-Pierre became interested in gastronomy, and after gaining experience in the hotel industry started Nord-Sud Produits Alimentaire Inc. in Montreal in 1992. Seven years later the company moved to Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec. Guy’s sons, Dominic and Jonathan cofounded the new division Gastronomie Concept in 2013. They have gained an excellent reputation in the market and the loyalty of their customers over the years.

For more information about our featured small biz, visit Shop Small Biz.



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