Featured Small Biz – Dolman Eyecare Centre

DolmanDolman Eyecare Centre believes in looking at the big picture when it comes to your eye health. They get to know you, your eye care history and your vision needs.

Dolman Eyecare Centre knows that getting the right prescription involves balancing several factors, including clear eyesight, visual efficiency and your ability to process visual information seamlessly. They know that getting your prescription right for your eyeglasses or contact lenses is an important part of good eye care. Even if you have great vision it is important to have regular eye exams with an optometrist.

dolman-2Whether you need a routine eye examination, an eyeglasses fitting, treatment for an eye disease (such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, or diabetic retinopathy) or even eye surgery such as LASIK or cataract surgery, Dolman Eyecare Centre will provide you with expert care, advice, options and follow up.

Visit Dolman Eycare Centre  at 251B Huron Street  in New Hamburg, Ontario.

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For more information about our featured small biz visit Shop Small Biz.



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