The Interac #yourchoicematters campaign

Recently we partnered with Toronto CFIB member Patrick McMurray to discuss why Interac Debit is the preferred method of payment at his Toronto pub, The Ceili Cottage.

The #yourchoicematters campaign is a conversation we want to have with Canadians about the impact their payment choices make to the small businesses they love and frequent.  Most people do not know, for example, that on a $100 purchase, based on current rates, a merchant pays between $1.50 and $3.00 for the interchange alone on a credit card transaction, but only a flat fee of pennies for an Interac Debit transaction.

Watch Patrick and pub manager Eoghan talk about their own experience:

We’re talking about this on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Join our efforts by sharing the #yourchoicematters content with your own networks!

Are you a small business owner? Is Interac Debit your preferred payment acceptance method? We’re always on the lookout for testimonials to feature on our social channels. Email me at and tell me your story. Let’s keep this conversation going.

Jennifer McKay
Senior Manager, Digital Communications
Interac Association │ Acxsys Corporation


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